Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chiberia: round two.

Looking California, but feeling Minnesota. Weather-wise.
It's like Chicago has gone into suspended animation. The deep freeze is keeping most people indoors. Me? I had to go to the office yesterday for a client meeting and despite the senior leadership telling us we could work from home yesterday and today I opted to come in today too. You know why? Because I'm tired of this weather forcing me into the fetal position. Also, sadly, I'm beginning to hit that point where I view -9˚ F as being reasonably warm enough to go outside. As if that's a regular temperature I should just be expected to weather. Because it is NOT.

I will say this, though, and that is how those of us that are out in these insane temperatures all look at each other knowingly; you see the same pride reflected in the eyes of others that you feel in not letting the elements hold you back. We know that we are hardier than the souls who refuse to take to the street in subzero temperatures and seriously subzero wind chills and while we also know that our willingness to do just that marks us as maybe just a little bit crazy, we also know that it marks us as determined to move forward and make our mark even on the days when its physically painful to go outside and do so.

Nothing can stop us.

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