Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bummer, dude.

I'm sitting at the bar and talking to one of my favorite bartenders and we're getting along and I'm feeling superior to the other schlubs along the rail. I always feel I connect well with bartenders since I spent so many years in the service industry and when I find one I really connect with they can count on me as a regular. Then two dudes with long hair and beards sat next to me and I saw the bartender brighten up because they worked at another bar she frequented and I realized that despite all my years in the industry or how cool my hobbies are or how generous a tip I leave I'm still just a customer now. A mark. The person that's made to feel important in order to get the best tip instead of actually being important and someone they want to be around.

And the camera pulled back and I could see myself at the bar, short blond hair and dress shirt next two hairy hipsters and I realized I am no longer the dude in the know at the bar, I'm now the out-of-touch old guy.

Bummer, dude.

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phampants said...

I hear ya.