Thursday, July 17, 2014

Everything's getting hectic, getting crazy, getting wild.

Mich and me by late August.
We've hit that portion of the summer where things speed up and simply do NOT slow down again until late August. Today I'm slammed at the 9-to-5 in order to leave everything in a good place since I'm off for the next few days for the Pitchfork Music Festival. For the first year I didn't make myself the point person to create our on site coverage, but I still had lots of juggling for previews and will have my hands full editing on the run and getting stuff up quickly over the next few days. And still writing, just not thousands of words a day. It's still fun but ... whew!

And then, Mich's and my families are coming in town next week to finally all meet each other for the first time, so it's not like I get any time to recover from P4K before scrambling to prepare for that.

And then there's Lolla. I'll be honest. I'm still on the fence about going to Lolla. I don't know if I can physically and mentally do it. We'll see.

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