Friday, June 17, 2016

Jon Lindsay's summery, shimmery sidewalk power-pop.

Jon Lindsay
Luckily I seem to be stumbling over all the summer music at the right time. The sun has finally rediscovered Chicago and the heat has made a welcome arrival. This means windows have been flung open all over the city and we need the appropriate soundtrack to waft out of our houses and cars.

Jon Lindsay just released Cities & Schools and it's just the sort of album I want to hear playing from the second floor of a three-flat as I wander down the sidewalk. These songs are tiny darts that hit the corners of your lips to draw out an unexpected smile. It's music that makes you want to breathe deep in take in all the positive things in the world around you. This is an album full of sparkling power-pop with just the slightest southern twang and the tiniest twinge of barroom smoke to keep things honest.

Sadly Lindsay has no Chicago tour dates in the near future, but you can bet I'll let you know when he does.

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