Thursday, June 23, 2016

It's party party party time with Mean Jeans!

Mean Jeans
There are times albums just sit in my queue and it takes me a while to get to them. I get a lot of music so this is natural, but sometimes I truly regret sitting on something a little too long. In the case of Mean Jeans, I finally listened to their new album, fell in love with it ... and then realized they already came through town last month on their tour. And I get the feeling Mean Jeans is probably an awesome live band.

I won't go into too much detail—you gotta hear this for yourself—but their sound is party pop-punk with a heavy nod towards The Ramones. But there's also a little modern anarchy a la Diarrhea Planet's "let's all raaaaaaaaawwwwwk right now and have a good time" vibe that I immediately fell for. Stream the whole album below, but if you only have time for one song right now, jump to "Are There Beers In Heaven."

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