Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Is this the best video of 2017?

I really hope this is real, because if it is it's a) absolutely hilarious and b) shows Young Thug has a healthy sense of humor about himself. The director talked to Rolling Stone about it:
Do you have a sense if Young Thug has seen the video yet? 
I believe he has, especially since it's on his YouTube. I know that there were a couple rounds of revisions on some of the writing and legal stuff throughout. They would say, "We're sending it to his management," or whatever, but I have not seen any direct response from him yet. I know that Wyclef tweeted the video out today, so that was exciting. I wonder if [Young Thug] is pissed off at me or if he's like, "This guy really pulled something out of his ass and it worked out pretty damn well" and is psyched about it. I think it's just as much making a mockery out of the production world and the industry of music and celebrity. 
So on that note, I'll just use this to distract me from the firehose of bad news that just won't stop coming today.

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