Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dude York aren't the band we deserve, but they are the band we need.

Dude York, photo by Sam Gehrke
Dude York—the Seattle trio of bassist/singer Claire England, guitarist/singer Peter Richards and drummer Andrew Hall—write RAWK songs. Big guitars, big choruses, big feelings, big cymbal crashes; there is nothing subtle about this band. And I love it.

Their new album Sincerely is out February 24 but I wish it was coming out this week, because now more than ever is when we need music like this. Joyful, loud, timeless, and reminding us that sometimes a band's job is to make a euphoric noice that connects us to the moment and makes us forget about the world around us, if even for only three minutes.

Check out "Tonight" for a taste of what makes this band great. Every time England sings, "holy cow, the air feels so fucking good" it makes the hair on my arms stand on end and I truly believe her. It does feel so fucking good.

The band kicks off a U.S. tour in February and hits Chicago on April 1, playing Cobra Lounge.

UPDATE: The album is now out, so buy it!

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