Monday, January 16, 2017

Today is one of those twilight days.

It’s cold and rainy and dreary, and it feels like the world is caught in limbo. Due to the holiday many folks are off work, which means downtown Chicago is a relative ghost town. And atop that there seems to be a general sense of unease and dread in the air as this week drives toward a political handoff in a few days that has the majority of the country feeling a growing sense of unease.

I’m trying to remain optimistically pragmatic while not giving into accepting anything is “normal” right now. And I get the feeling that there are many—on all bands of the political spectrum—who feel similarly right now. The best advice I’ve heard thus far is that we can doubt the intentions, and even the skills, of our elected leaders, but that the spirit of the people is a constant that’s gotten us through uncertain times in the past.

Despite our disagreements I want to believe that most people really do want what’s best for everyone around them. And while we may not all be on the same page about what that looks like or how we’ll get there I do believe that in the long run we’ll find a middle ground that truly is in the interest of landing on the right side of history.

Remember that—the majority of people truly want everyone to succeed and be happy. So if we don’t be sidelined by fear, and work towards that goal the best we can, at whatever level available to us, we’ll get there.

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