Thursday, January 05, 2017

Was thumbing through my INAUGURATION 2009 Gmail folder today.

We were so excited and couldn't believe our luck. Mich and I had only been dating a while and decided to take this road trip together. We ran into the Hideout bus full of friends and musicians on the way. We waited quite a while for our tickets but the Congressman's office was pretty and his staff was really nice. We almost thought we weren't going to get into the Inauguration because the lines were backed up so far and the entrances were all clogged, but my years of attending rock shows and festivals came in handy we navigating around people and getting us in. Obama was a tiny little speck in the distance and we definitely couldn't see Marcus but we could definitely see Aretha's hat and it was awesome. And we were all so happy and hopeful and even when it took hours upon hours to get home amidst the crowd choked streets—my fest navigational superpowers were helpless in the face of that much people congestion—and all the public transportation was hours behind and everyone was hungry because no place was open the vibe was still amazing and magical and, yes, filled  with an all caps feeling of HOPE.

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