Friday, October 03, 2003

Running uphill.

How was last night? Super, thanks for asking! Despite a flurry of technical problems last night the show went really well, everyone was in fine form and the club’s staff couldn’t have been nicer. A more detailed write-up will appear over at Done Waiting in the next few days. However…


It’s the official Chicago stop of the Done Waiting Field Studies Tour and the line-up couldn’t be more solid -- even if Tom Waits dragged in those lanky limbs of his and jumped onstage to do a duet with David Bowie. Okay, maybe that would be pretty cool. I’m still pretty excited about tonight’s line-up anyway. Who’s playing you ask? Two bands from Chi-town and two bands from the far-off land that calls itself Columbus, Ohio and they are named:

Light FM
The Miranda Sound
The Stepford 5

It’s all going down at The Note starting at nine o’clock so be there or be square Daddy-O.

Oh yeah, Go Cubs…beat the crap out of Atlanta quickly so the game is done before my show starts!

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