Monday, February 08, 2010



It was a rough weekend, emotionally. Saturday was lovely until an electrical mishap stripped our entire upper level of power and stressed us out unnecessarily. And then yesterday tensions rose while we waited and waited and waited for a definitive answer on when the power problem would be solved, receiving an answer literally minutes before we had to jet to the 'burbs for a birthday celebration. Fast-forward to this morning and increased crankiness brought on by the uncertainty that the dudes would actually show up to fix the power or if, as has happened in the past, we would get a last minute cancellation and I think it's fair to characterize GalPal and I as just drained drained drained today.

Looking forward to seeing Betty the Beagle romp through (hopefully) massive amounts of snow tonight. That'll solve everything.


Mich said...

It's certainly not going to make bringing the extra bed out of the basement any easier... sigh.

Tankboy said...

Well we'll just have to do that before the snow starts then!