Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kitty power.

Ever since a certain beagle decided her time was up, the cats have slowly been changing their behavior. At first they seemed confused; where was that big noisy dog? Pickle the Kitten in particular didn't seem to know what to do since the furry post with four legs she would rub up all over was nowhere to be found.

Never mind just how annoyed both cats were that I was suddenly smothering them with attention.

But time has passed and the kitties have adjusted. They've taken to more lounging around whenever they feel like it, and surprisingly they've been a lot more playful. Most surprising? Pickle actually seems to like our company and attention! Sasha the Cat has adjusted to the extra attention I give her quite nicely too, but then again she's always been a love bug.

I'll tell you this though; even though both cats tried hanging out on Betty the Beagles big pillow at one time or another they seem to have allowed that to remain her place. Maybe they hope she'll come back?

I know I still do.

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