Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I think you're gonna love Hiawata!

One of my favorite (largely unknown) bands in the world is Norway's Hiawata!, and I was turned on to them years ago by my pal Paul. I reached out to them back then and they were kind enough to send me their album, and a few months later a new single from them arrived in my inbox—for "The Deep End," whose video you may view below—and then after that I never heard anything about them again. Not that it ever occurred to me to, like, google their name or search iTunes for them or anything like that despite their album These Boys And This Band Is All I Know continuing to receive repeated plays on ye olde tankPHONE and DJ sets.

Fast forward to this week and it suddenly occurs to me, hey!, maybe they recorded material after that. And it turns out they have! They've got another few albums, the latest is Backs To The Future, and an EP under their belt, with a new album on the horizon next year AND the singer is in another band called Heyerdahl that just put out an album earlier this year. So today will be spent gorging myself on all of this new music. I think you should download a single they released for free a while ago, give it a listen, and if you dig that and the video above you'll probably want to gorge yourself on the band's whole back catalog as well.

DOWNLOAD: Hiawata! - Suburbs single

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