Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding planning. If it's a war, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again!

Last week Mich (a.k.a. GalPal, but at this point writing GalPal feels weird) and I went out for a drink after work because things were already getting stressful on the wedding planning front. We had started with a destination wedding in mind but once we started adding up the money for that and a reception back home we figured a local wedding with he reception on the same day might be cheaper and less stressful. Nuh uh. We've only been engaged a brief amount of time and I could already see the weeding planning was set to spiral out of control. There is no reason to be super stressed at this stage in the game.

So we met, and I told Mich there was no reason to freak out already and if that was happening we had to reevaluate what we were doing. I already think it's fucking insane to spend what is the equivalent on a downpayment of a house for a single event since the magic of the day dissipates—from what I've observed—pretty much immediately. So if you're going to lay out any large amount of cash it's important to do it for you. And no one else. And we were already losing sight of that.

So we reevaluated, refocused and came up with a different wedding blueprint. Well, let's call it a sketch of a blueprint. There's still a ton of wrk to be done, but after taking a step back to take a second look and change our course towards a direction that was 100% for us, this feels a lot less stressful.

I've heard too many people smile knowingly and slyly, saying, "The wedding planning is like a war, and if you survive you are meant to be together." What a fucking crock of shit. If setting up a day to celebrate your union is supposed to be a war then either you shouldn't be together or you really need to work on your teamwork. There's a difference between forming a united vision and presenting a united front. If you're doing the former and not the latter, then I think you're doing it right. At least that's how we're approaching it now.

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