Thursday, August 13, 2015

Two stoners on a stage.

Photo by pooneh ghana
JEFF The Brotherhood's Wasted On The Dream is another LP I just didn't get around to writing about more fully. But, I mean, what is there to say? They're write stoner metal pop. And they do it well. O.K., this time around they bring in a few compatriots to flesh out the two man band set up, including  The Raconteurs Jack Lawrence on bass the whole way through with guest appearances from Beth from Best Coast and a few of the Diarrhea Planet dudes, and it sounds all the more swell for it.

The song that I keep returning to is the one that sounds least like them though. The whole record is solid but there's something genuinely yearning at the heart of "Coat Check Girl" that makes the song feel like its the first time Jake's looking everyone in the eye while delivering the lyrics.

Tell me if you can see what I mean.

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