Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Back to square one.

Another dead end.
So the chiropractor could do nothing for my right arm, back and shoulder. After months of diligent efforts on his part he finally had to throw n the towel. I appreciated his approach as he attempted to exhaust every possibility, but in the end all was for naught. He gave me methods to alleviate the pain, but that only lasts a few minutes at a time at best.

The thing about chronic pain is that you learn to live with it. And it’s the worst. For instance lately the pain has been so bad that typing is an aching, excruciating chore. But I’m a writer, so what else am I going to do? So I learn to live with it. Of course what that means is while it doesn’t effect my paid work it’s growing difficult for me to write for myself. So I guess you could say the other thing about chronic pain is that you don’t really notice what it’s slowly stealing from you until it’s probably too late.

So now it’s back to the specialist that referred me to the chiropractor in the first place. I’ve been doing everything I can to figure out how to heal this pain, and am open to anything and everything. I admit I’ve been less than stoked to give into shots or pills or (shudder) surgery; to be honest if they can’t figure out what’s causing my pain I don’t think any of those things would be particularly effective anyway.

It’s frustrating.

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