Monday, August 01, 2016

Lollapalooza 2016 stats.

True love is giving your wife your C3 wristband.
Over the last four days I've racked up quite an impressive number of stats!

Miles walked: 47.02
Air-conditioned bathrooms used: 2
Portapotties used: 9
Cheese fries eaten: 2 1/2
Chubby Wieners hot dogs eaten: 3
Leghorn chicken sandwiches eaten: 1
Dominos pizzas ordered: 1
Blisters formed: 0
Legs wrecked: 2
Water consumed: gallons
Cigarettes smoked: 3 1/2 packs
Bands seen: 43
Number LCD Soundsystem concerts seen: 2
Number of women seen suspended by hooks pierced into their backs swinging over the audience: 2
Anxiety attacks: 2
Ponchos worn: 1
Ponchos given away: 1
C3 guest wristbands given to my wife: 1
Times better the media area was than just about any other area on the grounds: 100X
Number of tears cried by the media upon learning nest year's fest is also 4 days: gallons

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