Monday, November 14, 2016


First, this is not O.K. but before even that, a palate cleanser.

Look. Breathe. Then continue reading.

Do not protest the election results. They were legal. Were they incredibly flawed when you look at popular vote against Electoral College numbers? Yup. But they were legal.

Does this mean we should wait and see if this guy rises to the occasion?

Hell no.

If anything, Trump's election proves our process is fatally flawed. But it also shows a great number of us ( a HUGE number, if you will) hadn't a clue just how pissed off the other half of people that voted are. And I say "half that voted" because 50% or so of U.S. voters DIDN'T VOTE.


Trump doesn't know what he's gotten himself into.* He thought he could be a public figure with a supporting machine doing the actual work. When Trump met Obama it became clear he didn't even realize he'd have to create his own staff from the ground up.

(Which means he truly is a D.C. outsider since he's obviously never been close to any actual cog that, you know, makes the basic government work.)

That said, do we owe Trump time to see if he gets it right?

Hell no.

We need to watch the man. And watch his—so far, truly disturbing—staff appointees. And if you see someone who is morally reckless feeling that Trump's election entitles them to threaten any other human being it is now our duty to call those people out on it. And protect those who may come under fire.

Many repeat the "Not my president" phrase, but I think they need to parse that a little more closely.

Donald Trump is the U.S. President, but he's not the President that reflects the spirit of the U.S. I believe in.

Not even remotely.

Hell no.

*I have made this as a joking statement quite a few times ("Oh boy, isn't Trump gonna be surprised being President is actually a job and not a title!" said I, har de har) in the past amongst friends. It was funnier back then.

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