Friday, December 02, 2016

A new podcast worth adding to your probably already overstuffed feed.

Mike Watt
I listen to a LOT of podcasts. Thank goodness for 2X speed, right? So I try not to add new podcasts to my subscriptions all that often any more.

However every once in a while I test drive a new episode here and there from unfamiliar sources, and ever once in a great while I ended up getting sucked into not only subscribing but digging through a library of old episodes. Which is what happened with the Culture Creature podcast.

This episode with Ian MacKaye drew me in.

This episode with Mike Watt won me over.

This episode with Jesse Michaels totally surprised me. (Funny how little I know about the underground musicians I idolized in my late teens and early twenties, huh?)

Dig in and enjoy!

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