Friday, May 29, 2020

Echoes of the past pulled into the rolling grooves of the future.

Photo by Marie Renaud
Huh. Must be something about this band because I was looking for something to share today that was short and sweet for a variety of reasons and realized I was just about to write almost the exact same first sentence on a post about Post Animal as I did over a year ago! Maybe I just turn to them in my times of need? Or something like that.

Anyway, to further the "short and sweet"-ness of thus post, I'm just going to share my verbatim notes about this album, written, ohhhhh, a month ago, when I thought what I was listening to hadn't been realized yet and you can see it dawn on me as I recorded my thoughts while listening to Post Animal's amazing new album Forward Motion Godyssey.
This is terrific! Lush and deep and dreamy while remaining powerful and forward moving.* This should be their big breakthrough. Then I realized it came out a few months ago and the COVID-19 thing obviously derailed their momentum behind this (including a lot of canceled dates opening for Cage the Elephant?!).
Yeah, I think you should definitely check out the whole thing. But first I wanted to share this particular track below because I want to see if anyone else thinks there's a pretty clear line from the midsection and the funky segment that follows to another (though much longer) song from some of Post Animal's spiritual ancestors.

And there you go! And I even managed to write this whole post without mentioning the band's connection to a famous actor who is no longer in the band but everyone seems to feel is VERY IMPORTANT to mention in just about every piece about Post Animal. So there. Um. DANGIT!

*After I put all the components of this post together I looked at that line, then the album title, then that line again, and I felt incredibly stupid and obvious.

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