Monday, September 14, 2020

Hi there, how're you doin', how're you holding up?

The author believes in leading by example.
There is another wave of great new music arriving on everyone's "shores" that started a few weeks ago and shows no sign of abating in the next few weeks. So be on the lookout for some great new stuff to add to your listening rotation (and perhaps your permanent music collection, hm?) coming up from me in the next couple weeks. Hopefully some stuff for Third Coast Review too!

So that should take care of your ears and soul, at least a little bit. I also keep vacillating between whether to share some of my inner struggles during these times. I was like, "Does anyone really care, and even if they do, am I doing anyone any good? Or am I just making everyone even sadder?"

Well, I sat and thought about it and realized just how many personal pieces I've been reading by other writers, even those that tend to keep what's on the inside out ion the public eye. And no matter their background, every story shared made me feel less alone. And it helps me recognize which thoughts are just anxiety monsters out there to get in your way, so I can brush them aside toot sweet by thinking them through and doing a little slow breathing to get grounded again.

See, even that last sentence might help someone out there, no matter what their situation may be.

For instance, I had an excellent weekend. It was maybe the first weekend since this all started that actually felt too short! And all I really did was walk about 10 miles each day, and help set up a yard sale with some friends on Sunday. Being around others, even at a distance, was exactly what I needed.

The only downside is once I got home each day it did suddenly feel even more barren and empty than usual. So Pickle the Kitten probably got more attention than she wanted, and eventually I realized the feeling was just a passing thing and tomorrow was another day and I wasn't going to be so isolated and alone most of time forever. And neither will you. 

So, that helped. And the takeaway is that there is still so much out there for us all, we just have to be patient and do the right thing for everyone's health in order to get there. And we will!

SOMEWHAT RELATED: I have an honest question—how is your relationship with music nowadays? Are you constantly listening or not at all? Binging old favorites or discovering new acts? Throwing everything on shuffle or consuming albums at a time?

I'm curious and would really like to know!

BONUS CONTENT: I can't ask you to kick off the week without a song after all that, now can I? So please enjoy this incredible return to the music scene from my previous kickball teammates. If they are truly back in action, then that's one more thing we can notch as good in the good v. evil column for 2020.

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