Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Sink into some "Country Glory" with My Tree, my friend.

My Tree photo by Lauren Desberg

Great example of me sitting on an album until it's release and then completely missing the release date! As if that drives anything any longer these days. But still, better late than never!

Benjamin 'Jamal' Hoffmann and Caroline Davis are the core of My Tree (f.k.a. Maitri) and the duo specialize in ... I'm not exactly sure. Usually when you hear a band is genre-blending it's a misdirect because you're not sure how to categorize them, but in My Tree's case their mixture of soul, pop, off-kilter beats, and wild production touches all come together to create something I feel isn't hyperbolic to describe as unique to them. But it's all on glorious display on their new album, Where The Grace Is.

Usually I post a full album below, but today I'm just sharing their song "Country Glory" since it's probably the single tune that manages to pack much of what I consider distinctive to the band into its four minutes. Consider it the gateway to the rest of the album, because if you connect with this song, you'll love the entire album. And if you check out the full album, I highly recommend listening to the whole thing, uninterrupted, from start to finish and strapping in for the ride. You'll find yourself in weird headspaces, and if you aren't thrown pleasantly off-balance a few times by some of the sonic shifts, you haven't given yourself over completely to their world yet. And you should.

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