Thursday, December 21, 2023

The UPROXX critic's poll is live! Here's who made it onto my ballot.

Despite not having created my "best of 2022" list yet, I was excited to participate in this year's 2023 UPROXX Music critics' poll. I created my list based on a quick survey of albums that I rated highly throughout the year, so consider this a snapshot of what I remembered really enjoying at the time of the ballet deadline. 

Don't be surprised when my personal, full "best of 2023" list eventually gets finished and albums have shifted—that's one of the main reasons I prefer to wait until well after year's end to consider that stuff. But this was a really fun exercise and I'm really happy they let me join in the fun!

You can view the full critics list here, and my personal ballot is here. But for those who don't feel like clicking, here're the ten artists I included on my ballot this year. Again, this isn't my full "best of 2023" list—that'll come after I finally post my "best of 2022" list, but I hope this short, early version helps introduce you to some excellent music you might've missed this year.


Jake Shears

Danko Jones

Devon Church

Tamar Berk



Fuckleberry Hinn

Thank You, I’m Sorry


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