Friday, August 28, 2009

Advice to the graduate.

Advice to the graduate.

Here's some advice I offered a recent graduate on their job hunt in the journalism / PR / social media / all things media sector.
You can say the buzzwords? Great! You think you can actually execute strategy? Awesome! But neither of those things will land you a job in that field.

My advice is to learn how to break down those buzzwords into plainspeak that demonstrates you actually DO understand them (and I'm not doubting that you do) and make your point by using real-world examples of you ideas of strategy in action. Bonus points if you can provide specific examples of strategies you would employ for future projects.

These days everyone is a writer / social media expert, but VERY few can actually think ahead. If you can display that acumen, I think you will land a job sooner rather than later.
It must be O.K. advice, because I offered a variation to another job hunter a few weeks ago and they told me that it was rather helpful come interview time. (Of course the thing that individual probably found MOST helpful was the fact they kicked much ass and would be a welcome addition to any company lucky enough to land 'em.)

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