Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Internal motivator.

Internal motivator.

Some mornings I really do wake up and just stare at this keyboard in front of me, wondering what to write. At the moment I actually have a list of topics I've been jotting down, but I'm in a hurry this morning so I don't really have the time to properly invest in any of them right now. Some of them are actually things that would fit of Donewaiting, and since it's been eons since I last contributed anything over there, I'm really saving those pieces and savoring their construction.

Like, for instance, I'm beginning to think it's not such a bad idea for the two biggest concert promoters in the country to merge, because while I think the industry would suffer for it in the short run, such a merging will only lead more quickly to their mutual collapse. Or the whole trend of artists constantly pushing back album release dates so they can retool and cajole their music into something that might actually survive an internet hype backlsah (said attempts almost always fail, it should be noted.)

Once upon a time I'd never even put these half-formed ideas out there this early -- what if someone sees them, steals my ideas, and expands on them before I do? -- but what the hell, right? Like I said, some mornings I wake up and just stare, so at least this morning I got something done, even if it was only jotting down some initial thoughts in the hope that'll finally push me to expand on them sooner rather than later. And maybe, just maybe, getting these ideas out there will elicit early feedback tho provide further outside perspective on the various situations too, right?

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