Friday, April 02, 2010

Spoon needs to downsize.

Spoon needs to downsize.

GalPal and I went to see Spoon last night. Read her review of the show, it's good!

I thought Spoon was kind of meh last night.

They’ve always been a super tight band and in smaller venues it came across as emotional intensity. Schubas, Double Door, Metro? Awesome. In large settings they just appear to be another pack of pros doing their job. They hit all the right notes but it feels empty in any expansive spaces. they should skip festivals and start playing multi-night stands in much smaller rooms.

Plus the crowd was filled with douchebags, but I guess that just means the band’s selling lots of albums, so good for them.


Mich said...

I totally agree that multiple night stands at smaller venues would be better for them, just couldn't find a way to fit it in my article, and I was focusing on my other points.

katiehova said...

Love love love the review.

Anonymous said...