Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Midsummer night's dreams.

Midsummer night's dreams.

Man, now that was kind of a lousy night sleep-wise. I was tempted to just get up an hour ago and start my day because I just couldn't seem to keep my eyes shut for more than a few minutes at a time! I reckon there are a few reasons behind it; I have a big deadline at the 9-to-5 and I kept running down the final checklist of what needs to be done on the project, yesterday was the end of an almost week long staycation and my system is probably still adjusting, and of course my birthday was last week so that event always carries a certain amount of self-reflection and the attendant consequences of judging where you are at the end of another year.*

It's also summer in Chicago and we're in the midst of the season that anchors most of us and allows us to put up with the long, miserable winter months. Last year summer kind of blew -- it was chillier and drearier than usual and I felt cheated by nature for most of it -- but this year has been pretty fabulous and full of sun, great weather, music, beaches, pools, sailing, and non-stop action. And we haven't even hit the big summer music festivals yet! Of course all of this means I'm stimulated about 98% of the time by the events around me and that doesn't really align with the chance of much mental downtime, so that could also explain why I'm so restless at this very second.

So, I guess all things considered, an evening of interrupted sleep is a reasonable price to pay for all the above, right? How's your summer going?

*In my case, other than a tendency to do the occasional boneheaded thing, I'm doing pretty well and am really pleased with what I've gained over the years both professionally and personally.


Gage said...

Summer so far=perfection!

Mich said...


Tankboy said...

Gage: Agreed!

Mich: Hee!