Thursday, September 22, 2011

Breaking Bad gab.

Jesse Pinkman season 2 vs. season 4. What a change! [via Hell Yeah Aaron Paul]
 If you haven't started watching Breaking Bad yet, why not?!* I've been watching it since episode number and GalPal joined in very soon after that. It's one the, if not THE, best show on television right now. Even better than Mad Men, I kid you not (though many are now screaming, "Blasphemy!").


If you are already a fan, the show's leads recently gave two great interviews you should snag ASAP. Aaron Paul** sat down with Fresh Air (with a brief bonus chat with show creator Vince Gilligan at the end) to chat about his personal background and the development of the character of Jesse Pinkman. And Brian Cranston sat down with The Nerdist to talk about his career, his humble approach to acting, Walter White and ... Brain Cranston's Dick Grapes™.

IN OTHER NEWS: The Flaming Lips' six-hour song is out. Give it a listen. That should help most of your workday move along, right?

*The irony here is that I have never watched The Wire, which usually elicits exactly the same response from friends who are fans of that show. I will watch The Wire sometime, I promise!
**Who I've now played kickball with two years in a row and seems to be a really nice fellow.


TC said...

I can do a lot of things but listening to a six hour song would definitely try my patience. My curiosity is piqued though.

Tankboy said...

It's The Flaming Lips so I'll at least give it a single go as background music at work today. The first and third tracks are only a few minutes long, leading me to believe they're snippets of the whole the band reckon are the most "accessible." But that second track is exactly six hours long, so I'm going to dive right into that...