Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Kids did the electric boogaloo.

I went to part of North Coast Music Festival this weekend and it was the first time in since I can't remember I was just at a fest to chill and take it in instead of running around to cover it. It was kind of like this. But it was mostly just kids in a really good mood wanting to dance and wave poles in the air with weird stuffed animals attached to them. Only once or twice did I want to smack some idiot near me for acting a fool, so given the size of the fest I'd say that stat is rather surprising!

Also, if you have a chance to ever see Soul Rebels Brass Band, DO IT.



Anonymous said...

Really? is that why you tweeted a snotty post about no one getting back to you for a VIP request? must be nice.

Tankboy said...

You know what's REALLY interesting? I didn't tweet anything about not getting a VIP request. I DMed NCMF's social media person about one. But I never made a public snotty request.

The only time I ever said ANYTHING publicly was this decidedly non-snotty tweet:

Odd, only the person I DMed would think I might have been snotty, so I have no idea why you would think I was. Guess I'll never know since you so cunningly left an anonymous remark...