Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why torture yourself when you don't have to?

My Twitter feed was clogged by my friends fuming and feeling the need to vent while watching the Republican debate last night. I honestly can't figure out why anyone would actually be watching these things at this point. The actual campaign season is still months away and the craziest of the crazies will presumably have been forced out by then. All liberals or Democrats, or whatever you want to call them, accomplish by fuming over the stances these proto-candidates take during these debates is to amplify their nutty views and give them some weird credence by merely discussing them.

Look, paying attention to your opponents is absolutely necessary, but none of these people are even viable opponents yet. Let 'em take each other out for a while before you start worrying about which one is going to run. THEN we can worry about their crazypants jabber.

I will admit that the most surprising Tweet I saw last night addresses some comments Newt Gingrich made. I didn't even know he was still in the race! So that was kind of amusing.

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Shoeshine Boy said...

Its a pretty sad bunch but it just goes to show you how far from reality the Republican "base" has gone when Romney is considered too moderate for them.