Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things I recently learned...

I was out of town for a really beautiful wedding and between that and my return to the lovely city that is Chicago, I learned some rather interesting facts over the last few days.
  • People, despite Mad Men's popularity, still think a copywriter just sits around writing words. We come up with concepts too, people. Our job is so much more than simply creating copy to fit in a given design space.
  • I still have the capability to act like a petulant 22-year-old.
  • Certain Illinois wineries are basically tasting rooms with a vineyard nowhere nearby.
  • Despite the previous observation, sometimes it's just good to get out of town, even if for just an afternoon.
  • Everyone hates every design change Facebook ever makes ... for three days or so before they just get used to it and stop grousing. SEE ALSO: Apple's method of dealing with criticism.
  • When at a sushi restaurant if you order a roll with only crab and that you're willing to pay extra and they respond with "All crab? That's actually cheaper!" then you're probably about to get something that looks nothing like a roll with nothing but crab, seaweed and rice.
  • I really want every single CD involved in the masive Pink Floyd re-issue campaign, thus proving I am indeed an old man since such physical packages can still get my muth watering as I try to justify spending close to a grand on a coupe CDs. Of course I can't afford it but that doesn't make me want it any less.
  • R.E.M. broke up.
Thus endeth today's lesson.


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Can't friggin wait for the PF re-issues!

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