Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sound of a generation, sound of the millennium?

Ryan Leas’ 33 1/3 tome examining LCD Soundsystem’s Sound Of Silver ended up being a  really satisfying read.

I won't delve deeply into the generational disassociation I initially felt since Leas begins from the vantage point of a high school LCD fan and I'm closer to Murphy's age, because the book swiftly moved past that and uncovers a deeply thoughtful investigation into the album and its deserves cultural significance.

The final chapter is worth the purchase price alone. It's a tour de force—greatly expanded from a 2013 essay—that does a terrific job of capturing the seismic changes we've undergone when it comes to experiencing art (or anything, really) and why that's both troublesome and totally O.K.

And the timing of me hitting that final chapter couldn’t have been more appropriate.

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