Thursday, April 06, 2017

Sonny Falls is why you should get to shows early and check out openers you've never heard of.

Sonny Falls
When Sonny Falls took the stage before Dude York last Saturday I had no idea what to expect. The band had just the right amount of a redneck hipster vibe going on that I wasn't expecting much.* However the drummer's kit was really nice and his hair was just right, so I reckoned they might have a few tricks up their collective sleeve.

The sound at Cobra Lounge isn't exactly great—they're been working on it but it's still basically a concrete box of a room—but even with a bad mix burying the singer I could immediately tel the band had something special going on. The aforementioned drummer was terrific; a hard hitter with a really great swinging vibe and perfect fills. And the guitars were big and crunchy, kicking out hook after hook, and admittedly catching me off guard since I was expecting something more country and less pop, based on the band's look and name.

I bought their EP off Soundcloud when I got home and holy shit was I right that the band showed promise. I played it for Mich and she couldn't believe it was the same band until she listened a little more closely and recognized some of the guitar licks. What a difference a decent mix makes!

There's No Magic Left in This World is six wonderfully constructed songs, and while singer and guitarist Ryan Ensley was barely audible when the band played live, on this record he proves he's got a really lovely voice and a knack for lyrical phrasing. In fact, he plays every instrument on this album, save the drums, which are handled by Calvin Schaller and verify my initial impression that the dude has great chops.

Give the album a spin and if you like it, download it for yourself.

*You know what I mean.

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