Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Are you losing touch with who you used to be?

Photo via San Cisco's Facebook page
I knew very little about Australia's San Cisco before yesterday. Aside from their new album The Water showing up in my inbox a while ago, the only other thing I had from them was an invite to a 2013 show they were playing in Chicago, which I immediately forwarded to the Chicagoist staff at the time in case anyone wanted to write about it. No one claimed it.

I wish I'd paid more attention to that 2013 email. But I'm glad I finally got around to listening to The Water yesterday since it brightened up my day immensely.

The album is stuffed with fizzy and jaunty rock pop and is way more assured and polished than it should be, given how young the band is. Though perhaps that's not surprising—this is the band's third album and they've been playing together since they were in high school (though those days are not that far behind them). The Water is a self-assured and musically mature effort, while still exuding a bouncy and authentic glow of youth.

Tl;dr—this is 36 solid minutes of undeniable summer jamz that have a darker heart than their sunny sonic composition might immediately convey, but your ears will be too busy smiling to notice until the third or fourth listen and you'll already be hooked.

The best news is that despite being based in Australia, the band is making their way to the States this fall! You can look for me at their Thalia Hall show on August 17. Don't live in Chicago? Check out all their upcoming tour dates here.

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