Thursday, June 15, 2017

A slice of shoegazy Britpop courtesy The History Of Colour TV.

The History Of Colour TV, photo by Tanja Pippi
The History Of Color TV is based in Germany but led by British singer/guitarist Jaike Stambach. So the head-on slam of styles between austere gauzy, rainy guitars and a more languid strain of Britpop the group produces makes total sense. Britgaze? Shoepop? Neither? Neither.

There’s a fair amount of melodrama in this music, and for me that means this is an album for special moments and not heavy rotation, but I know many folks for whom this is the perfect tonic to even the sunniest of days. If you’re in the mood for a band that somehow mixes a dreamy lethargy with soaring volume and mournful melodies, then The History Of Color TV is something to pour into your ears, posthaste.

The strongest track, in my humble estimation, is the opener “Granite Verge of Tears,” a slowly building majestic little slice that puts visions of roaring seas far below a plunging cliff I’m standing on into my head. So stream it below and see what it evokes in your own imagination. And if you enjoy it just keep on streaming or just buy the whole thing.

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