Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Check out this blast of chunky, fuzzy, guitar pop from Dott, and get ready for more to come.

Irish indie poppers Dott have waited 5 years between full-length albums, and Heart Swell is a triumphant return. Much like other recent music caught in in my ears recently, it’s a crunchy, bouncing hard charge into early ‘90s guitar pop.

I went back to listen their debut, I admittedly was unfamiliar with the band's earlier work, and it’s got more of a jangling, garage vibe. It’s still really good, but having heard Heart Swell first, I can definitely hear the progression in their sound. They are more confident, their textures are more sophisticated, and their overall approach is just more self-assured without losing hooks or the rough edges that make them stand apart.

The first single “Like A Girl” is getting some attention since Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz adds in some guest guitar licks, and while I’m happy her presence is raising Dott’s profile ahead of the album’s release on June 8, it blends right in with every other song. So if you like it, you’ll like the whole album. It’s also one of the more political songs on the album, and according to a statement from the band, “the video highlights the faces of several women who have been working to get the vote for reproductive rights reform in Ireland.”

I can’t find any pre-order info on the album, so feel free to stalk the band’s Facebook page, or the Graveface Records shop looking for that news to arrive!

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