Friday, May 11, 2018

A sunny song for a sunny day from Billy & Dolly.

Trust me, their music is cheerier than this picture would suggest. Photo by Andres Ramirez.
I almost didn't listen to this album.

I hopped around a few tracks when it showed up Wednesday and it didn't really hit me. But then yesterday it was still on my computer so I decided to give it a spin, and that was yet another moment that reminded me that I should give every band a chance. Because Five Suns is fabulous.

Bill Rousseau and Dahlia Gallin Ramirez form the core of Billy & Dolly, he on guitar and she on Wurlitzer / Moog / various other keyboards, and I imagine as a duo they could sound pretty lovely. But they added drummer Elliott Kiger and bassist Charley Hine, turn up the amps without losing the lovely vocal melodies, and the result is something that feels fresh yet familiar. There's definitely an Elephant 6 vibe going on here, at times equal parts '60s sunshine and 70s stomp. Oh wait, they're from San Francisco. That makes total sense.

Listen to "Everything Is Off below for a taste of the sunshine, then stick around for the other preview track "Bobby" for a bit of the stomp. Then pre-order the album or come on back when it gets released on June 8.

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