Thursday, May 10, 2018

My current Swedish addiction? Tove Styrke.

Photo by Emma Svensson
Tove Styrke's album number three, Sway, plays with odd syncopations under thunking beats and lyrical delivery that slides atop like so much sweet syrup. It's a lean 27 minutes long, which means Styrke never gives you a chance to tire of her. As if you could with such a tightly commanding collection of tracks.

Lyrically it ain't the deepest stuff—primarily love songs of one sort or another—but there's a sophistication in her delivery that elevates the subject matter into something that resembles an emotionally sonic experiment.

For a 25-year-old who released her first album when she was 18 it's pretty impressive stuff.

On the production end, I admit that before I read the album credits I suspected this was another Jack Antanoff project but it's actually Elof Loelv, who has done a couple more recent things with folks like Icona Pop, Katy Perry and Mikky Ecko.

Anyway it's Thursday, and to some tonight is the early start to the weekend, so laying a couple Tove Styrke songs seems like the right thing to do. The album came out last Friday so if you enjoy the tunes below head on out to stream or buy it.

(For the record my favorite tracks are "I Lied" and "On A Level" but there aren't any easy embeds to share those.)

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