Tuesday, May 01, 2018

On violence.

I've seen a number of aggro posts on the Facebooks and Twitters recently and it reminded me of one main thing.

I hate fighting.

When I was security at bars I got punched in the face a few times. My response? I took the drunk down as quickly and gently as possible, and sat on their chest. I have zero interest in hurting another human being. I've had drinks thrown in my face and I've only responded with words.

I hate fighting.

I'm big, and can be imposing, but physical fighting has always seemed like a terrible idea to me. So I avoid it at all costs. I'm a gifted talker so I always try that first. If a fist flies I will be the first one sitting on your chest asking you to chill out. But I won't hit back. If a 300+ lb guy can clock me and I can keep my cool, I can handle most anything.

In one of my previous lives I was the first to pull security off the wayward drunk. Physical violence is never the answer. I detest it.

Am I an outlier?

1 comment:

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