Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ziggy remixed ... here's hoping it's decent!

Ziggy remixed ... here's hoping it's decent!

Honestly, I have little time to write this A.M. since I'm rushing to work to get some stuff done, but I just saw some DJs put up a David Bowie mash-up album online. I have zero idea if it's worth a listen, but it's Bowie, so I must link to it. Here's what the cover looks like.

DOWNLOAD: Ziggy Stardust Remixed

UPDATE: O.K., finally gave it a listen and I think it's pretty meh, but it does have it's moments. If you're a Bowie fan you'll probably want to still give it a listen. I wish they'd been a little more daring a la The Kleptones and not just popped Bowie vocals over single backing tracks. The one track that I think does work? The Pink Floyd "Pigs On A Wing" sampling "Soul Love (ATOM's Pink Innards Mix)."

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