Friday, May 07, 2010

Bob Lefsetz hates music.

Bob Lefsetz hates music.

Well, not all music, just yours. And your show. You see, if you're not already famous, and don't already have a studio album that has tickled his ears under your belt, he doesn't want to see you perform.

That is fucked up.

THIS is the guy music industry types follow and read and trust? No wonder the industry is in the fucking toilet. Look, part of his rep is his whole shtick that he loves music and loves telling it straight, but the sad truth is he's an aging baby boomer who wants what he wants. Does he have occasional instances of illuminated brilliance? Sure, but so would anyone who spits out thousands of words a day. The odds are in his favor.

Look, if you don;t like live music you don;'t already feel comfortable with and understand, you have zero business pretending your some kind of taste-maker. Though maybe that's why industry types love Lefsetz ... they both hate good music.

Photo by Jonathan Alcorn


John San Juan said...

To be fair, I'm sure he hates plenty of lousy music as well.

Unknown said...

Spot on. What a penis.