Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Roadrunner, roadrunner.

So I'm running a million miles an hour and juggling a dozen things and it's thrilling but breathtaking and by breathtaking I mean in the sense that it's hard to catch your breath but also wondrous because who knew you could be so engaged and plugged in and in touch with so many things at once and that's the point that you realize you are really good at what you do and that there aren't many people out there that can focus on so many different things all at the same time but then you realize one reason you have this ability (aside from it being a natural inclination which you can accept but you're also old enough to realize there's way more to it than your own personal abilities) is because you have some pretty awesome support groups and systems in place both personally and professionally and for once you feel like a real, live, grown up adult and it's a good feeling.

So, thanks.

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