Thursday, May 03, 2012

#43,870 in a series of open letters to Google as they continue to screw up their products.

Look, I'm not the only one annoyed with your tinkering. What you did to Reader was inexcusable. And your Gmail "improvements" are anything but. Your continued ham-fisted efforts to force everyone into Google+ are pathetic. And your recent "update" to Blogger has made it useless if I ever want to do anything from a mobile device outside using your rudimentary Blogger App.

And you know what? It's inexcusable. And anyone that argues differently, especially under the "you can't complain about free tools" is a fucking idiot. I pay for all these services with all the personal information I offer to Google which they then use to make beaucoup dollars in selling their ads. I pay for all of this. And it's a deal I entered willingly, when the services worked well enough to warrant me opting in and helping up Google's profit margin. But lately they seem to have forgotten who butters their bread.

Google, your motto used to be "Don't be evil," but nowadays I'd settle for your motto being "Don't suck."


Mich said...

Dear Google,

While in G Reader, if I want to +1 something, that does not mean that I want to "share" on Google+. That is what the big "Share" button next to the "+1" button is for. STOP WITH THE POP UP!

$in said...

Nice use of 'beaucoup.'

Tankboy said...

I am so multilingual.

Mich said...


Tankboy said...

Even more impressive? I haven't cracked open a thesaurus in weeks. WEEKS!