Thursday, May 10, 2012

Out Uffie-ing Uffie.

Remember when I fell in love with Uffie, even though I never got a chance to see her on her first tour because she ran so late? Well, I have the same feeling about Kitty Pryde (although, jeebis, way to confuse shit by adopting the name of one of the most popular X-Men, right?). And her first video just came out around the song that has suddenly thrust her into the zeitgeist, and I love it most ly for the actual song, but also partially because she's wearing a Yeastie Girlz t-shirt. I wonder if she actually knows who they are or has heard their music? I hope so. I actually remember being in college back in the day when most albums from indie labels had to be bought through mailorder and I can still remember the day I got a big package from Lookout! records filled with loot I probably spent two weeks of paychecks on, and being really excited that one of the LPs within was the Yeastie Girlz LP.

Ah, a walk down memory lane. Anyway, enjoy Kitty Pryde's video below and if you dig the song, feel free to grab the MP3 posted below that!*

MP3: Kitty Pryde "Okay Cupid"

*I love the fact that even though she's blowing up and ran out of free downloads on her Soundcloud page, instead of just letting that play out until she could release a proper single she just posts her own Mediafire link to the tune.

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