Thursday, February 27, 2014

A reflexive want gives way to the re-realization of a genuine loss.

The above image is just a fraction of a larger whole of opening sentences from great novels diagrammed that I shared with the writing team in the office yesterday and I've decided I really would love to have this framed in my house.

Also, I can't diagram a sentence to save my life so I am doubly appreciative of the beauty this releases.

RELATED: I downloaded a reading DFW did of "The View From Ms. Thompson's" and it first made me so sad to hear his voice but then I grew so glad because he so perfectly describes the city I called home for the early '90s, even if the circumstances of the story skew towards the horrific. He still manages to pull genuine human beauty into his words and the situation and then I grew sad again because I knew that particular soul's skill was lost to us.

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