Monday, February 03, 2014

The Super Bowl actually had a few decent examples of good marketing last night. Impressive!

A really good advertisement doesn't just connect with the viewer to elicit a response (often one related to entertaining via laughs or thrills or whatever) it also says something genuine and true bout the brand it's talking to you about.

Few brands are courageous enough to be really honest, but Radio Shack can now count themselves among the few with the courage to do just that, and through doing so created the best ad aired last night. Hell, this is one of the best ads i've seen in a long time. Yeah it's funny—and that's great—but it's also honest even though that doesn't exactly paint the electronics chain in the best light. But this throws open the door to Radio Shack truly changing public opinion of it.

So that was the one that wins because of the curate of its conviction and its deep connection to what it's actually selling.

However if none of that matters to you then your favorite ad is probably the one that was my second favorite. Because it's adorable. (And it does manage a tenuous connection to at the least the brand equity, if not the actually product the brand sells.)

O.K., I''ll give Seinfeld a runner up award but only because he handled the "reunion" well without ruining the source material.

And finally, Oreo wins for best tweet as it left all the real time marketing bozos* to create content that was largely—O.K., completely—ignored.

*I posted this last night but it's been driving me crazy lately since I firmly believe that relationship marketing—across all media platforms—is a long term tactic. What people call real time marketing is in fact just a short sighted stunt hellbent on self glorification with no measurable ROI for a client beyond marketing bragging rights.

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