Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On the same wave length.

Moon King
This year I am fastidiously tracking every album I listen to in a spreadsheet, and logging which songs on each are personal favorites for me. When it came to Moon King's Second Life the immediate standouts were the album opener "Roswell" and the ebulliently explosive (and currently one of my top faves of 2015 thus far song-wise) "Apocalypse." They're both energetic drivers and seem a piece apart from the remainder of the album's material, which tends towards the dreamier and lower key.

Just a bit ago I got an email pitching a performance video by the band where they string together the two tracks into a single live song. An email from the band's publicist says that band member Daniel Benjamin said, "Apocalypse and Roswell were originally one idea that was split into two separate songs. they still share some musical elements and have always been two sides of the same coin."

No wonder I felt so drawn to the two!

The band has a spring tour planned and comes to Chicago to play The Empty Bottle on May 9.

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