Friday, February 27, 2015


Photo from the Witchrider Facebook page
One of the shocking discoveries I didn't mention in my "103" post was knocked out of consideration solely because while I didn't get their album sent to me in 2015 it came out in 2014. Had I heard Witchrider's Unmountable Stairs last year it may have been a contender for my best albums list., maybe missing inclusion in the top 20 by a hair's breadth or so. The quartet from Austria is fucking bonkers good.

How do I describe 'em? Take Songs For The Deaf-era Queens of the Stone Age, only with catchier songs—if one can classify borderline hard rock / metal like this as "poppy"this is the time to do so—and turn the amp WAY up. Ta-dah! You have Unmountable Stairs.

Strap in and enjoy the ride. And if you like what's streaming below, plonk down a few bucks and download a permanent copy for yourself!

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