Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Is it really only Tuesday?

I've been concentrating on getting more sleep at night. Historically I've never needed much, but my schedule was getting so ridiculous—a quick nap from 8-10, and then up again until 2 or 3 a.m. reading or watching movies—I needed to do something to force myself into a more regular schedule. So far it's working.

 You know what's not working?

THIS WEATHER. But sorry, I sound like a broken record.

 And yes I know we Chicagoans put up with this crap because summers here are glorious but you know what? The last few haven't been. And winter keeps chipping away at the warner months. And by this point I really am feeling a sense of desperation. It's a combination of "will this end?" and "amI just a fucking idiot for not having moved years ago?"

 I don't know.

 You know what I do know? Team Chicagoist bowls tonight! We won all three of our games last week as a three piece (meaning we alternated the four bowling position) which meant by the end all three of us were exhausted, but Benjy, Mich and I were all buoyed by our wins! Let's see if we can repeat that feat tonight.

 At least it'll take our collective mind off the weather.

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