Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Digging through the Chicago scene of the '90s...

I sat down with Andy Derer, Annie Zaleski, and hosts Tim Minneci and  Jason Dziakon this week's Dig Me Out Podcast to discuss the '90s Chicago music scene. I had a blast. However I have three footnotes to consider before you listen.
  • Yes, I know Seam isn't from Chicago. I was thinking I'd go on to talk Touch & Go and local labels and their importance of drawing influences into and sending them out of the city. I dropped that ball!
  • I can't believe I failed to mention Gravity Studios, especially since I was studio manager there for a brief spell and helped negotiate the release of Veruca Salt's original "Seether" demo for a demo reel of theirs!
  • Blake Smith's new band that's fabulous and I couldn't remember the name of is Forgotten Species. Give 'em a listen.

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